Schedule of services

Services are in English with some Slavonic on Feast Days.

Service times

Upcoming services

Note:  Father Barnabas has offered to provide confessions before or after Divine Liturgy. He just asks that either you let him know if you are coming before Liturgy or let Sandy Tosca know so a time before services can be arranged.

Other information

Pastoral Needs:  Effective November 1st, 2022, Father Vjekoslav has been assigned to serve as rector at Holy Ascension Church in Frackville and will also serve as St. Michael’s Administrator.

If you are sick, want to request a visit or house blessing, or have other pastoral needs, please reach out to Father Vjekoslav at his cell phone number listed at the top of page one of the bulletin. If there is an emergency and you are unable to reach Father Vjekoslav, please contact Sandy Tosca.

Confessions:  To prepare for Communion, one must periodically have confession.

Please call the rectory at (570) 339-1200 and leave a message if you would like to schedule confession or a visit. Those who are not members of St Michael’s asking for confessions are asked to obtain permission from their pastor; verbal permission is sufficient.