Schedule of services

Services are in English with some Slavonic on Feast Days.

Other information

A note about Holy Communion from Priest Aleksey Paranyuk:  

Welcome! In the Orthodox Christian Church, reception of the Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist) is reserved for the baptized and chrismated Orthodox Christians, who have prepared themselves by regular prayer (both at home, and in church: Vespers, Liturgy), fasting (not eating or drinking after midnight*, as well as regular fasting days and periods), regular confession (once a month), and continual almsgiving. If you missed the Gospel reading (came late), please do not approach the chalice. If we don’t hear the Word of God, we can’t receive His Body and Blood.** For the Orthodox Christians, our entire life is a preparation for Communion with God. We put a tremendous amount of effort into receiving the Body and Blood of Christ in a worthy manner (not as worthy people).

If you are visiting or otherwise not prepared to commune today, you are welcome to partake of the blessed bread (called the antidoron) after the kissing of the cross at the end of the service. We pray for all to be united in the one Body and Blood of Christ. If you would like to learn how you can enter into communion with the Orthodox Church, or if you are already Orthodox and would like to join our parish, please speak with Father Aleksey.

* if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, or have to take medications, you are exempt from this.

** this general rule does not apply to those with young children and to the elderly.

Please call the rectory at (570) 339-1200 and leave a message if you would like to schedule confession or a visit. Those who are not members of St Michael’s asking for confessions are asked to obtain permission from their pastor; verbal permission is sufficient.