St. Michael's Day - November 8, 2020

Our parish celebrated it’s patronal Feast-day on Sunday, Nov 8th, and we had the pleasure and honor of welcoming His Eminence, Archbishop Mark, for our Feast-day. Great Vespers with Litya was celebrated on Saturday, the eve of the Feast, and Hierarchical Liturgy was celebrated on Sunday morning.

We are grateful to all those who helped, especially His Eminence for being here with us and offering the Holy Gifts for our sake. May we all be protected by the prayers of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and all other Bodiless Powers.

Commanders of the heavenly hosts, we who are unworthy beseech you, by your prayers encompass us beneath the wings of your immaterial glory, and faithfully preserve us who fall down and cry to you: “Deliver us from all harm, for you are the commanders of the powers on high!”