Current projects

Sewer Line Blockage

a section of the sewer line became blocked and the peelings came up through a drain in the basement at the rectory. Parishioners tried to unblock the drain with chemicals and a snake but were unsuccessful. We had to call a plumber to open the line with high pressure equipment which was successful.

We anticipate the cost will be several hundred dollars. Any help to offset this unanticipated cost would be much appreciated. Also, we appreciate the parishioner who cleaned the rectory basement floor.

Thermostat and Furnace Project

The electric work and new thermostat installation have been completed. We still need to purchase a spare circulator for winter which is estimated to cost $1,400.

Fence painting

We need help scraping and painting the fence around the church. If you can help, please see Sandy.


We've finished the scraping and have made good progress on the painting but still have a lot of work to do. We could use some help finishing the painting on Friday and Saturday, October 20th and 21st. If you can help, please contact Sandy.

Cemetary cleanup

We need help cleaning up the grounds at the cemetery. If you can help, please see Sandy.

Completed projects

Collection for hurricane victims - completed September 2017

Thank you to those who supported the disaster relief donation for the American Red Cross to help the Texas and Florida flood victims! We collected and donated $200.

Lenten Coin Boxes - completed April 2017

A purple alms box with an Orthodox cross on it

This year the youth of the parish have taken on the Lenten project: Almsgiving. They have made coin boxes and began distributing on February 26th. Once the coin box is full, please place the coin box in the container, which will be in the vestibule of the church, then kindly ask the youth for another coin box.

This project will continue for the entire Lenten period. At the end of Lent, the youth will give the money collected in the coin boxes to a charity of their choice. Please help the youth of the parish with this project. Give as you can – fill your coin boxes and ask for more boxes. Be an example to our youth. Almsgiving is one part of our Lenten responsibility along with fasting and prayer. The youth thank you in advance for your participation in their Lenten project!