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Welcome to St. Michael's Orthodox Church!

Founded: 1907

Diocese:  Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania

Deanery:  Frackville Deanery

Parish Highlights:

Diocese Instagram page

The Diocese is now on Instagram! You can follow them @oca_doepa or OCA Diocese of Eastern PA.

Annual Basket Raffle

We are requesting assistance covering the cost of our annual basket raffle prizes. Any cash donations would be greatly appreciated!

The items needed to be covered include:

Palm Sunday

On March 21st, Father Ignatius Hunter celebrated Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday image

Meet our 2019 Parish Council:

On March 17, 2019, our new Parish Council took the Oath of Office. The officers were elected at the annual parish meeting held on February 3rd. More pictures of the ceremony are available here

Parish council photo

Front row from left to right:  Sandy Tosca (President), Stephanie Peek (Assistant Secretary), Father Ignatius Hunter, Olga Thomas (Vice President), Julia Bushick (Auditor).

Back row from left to right:  Chris Mathias (Secretary), Leon Markovich (Assistant Treasurer), Andrei Nemoianu (Auditor), and Joe Tosca (Treasurer).

Forgiveness Sunday Vespers

On March 10th, Father Ignatius Hunter celebrated Forgiveness Vespers, which is also known as Cheesefare Sunday and is the last Sunday before the start of Great Lent.

Pictures from Forgiveness Sunday Vespers Pictures from Forgiveness Sunday Vespers

Lenten Appeal

As we begin our Lenten journey, we are reminded that this journey should not be limited to fasting. Each parishioner should consider putting aside each day the money saved from fasting or from giving up something of enjoyment and use either the small boxes which will be provided or the gold collection plate on the center Icon table to donate savings in support of our Annual Lenten Appeal.


On January 6th, Father Ignatius Hunter celebrated Theophany, which commemorates Christ's baptism by John the Forerunner in the River Jordan. The feast of Theophany is also sometimes referred to as Epiphany or Blessing of the Waters.

Pictures from the Feast of Theophany service Pictures from the Feast of Theophany service

Blessing of homes

If you would like to have your home blessed after January 6th, please schedule time with Father Ignatius. There is also a calendar in the vestibule to sign up for a time.

Christmas flower pledges

As we approach the Nativity, we think about those we care for, both living and departed. The Christmas Flower Pledge is an opportunity to honor those dear to you.

As in prior years, you can pledge a poinsettia at $25 in memory of or for the health of a loved one. If you would like to participate, submit this form by by December 9th with your donation. The pledges will be published December 23rd, and ornaments noting the pledges will be placed on the Christmas tree in the church.

110th Anniversary of St. Michael's Orthodox Church

On September 16th, 2018, His Eminence Archbishop Mark, Father Michael Evans, Father Daniel Ressetar, and Father Daniel Kovalak celebrated Divine Liturgy with Father Ignatius Hunter to mark the 110th Anniversary of our church.

Photo of front cover of anniversary book

The day began with a beautiful Liturgy. As part of the service, Archbishop Mark awarded Father Ignatius the Nabedrenik, which recognizes faithfulness to the priestly ministry. We then went to the church hall and enjoyed fellowship and an excellent meal provided by Scicchitano Catering. Father Ignatius, Sandy Tosca, and Archbishop Mark all made comments following the meal, with Father Ignatius recognizing those who helped with the hall project. The parish also paid tribute to the four charities we support on a regular basis (Mt. Carmel Food Pantry, Manna for the Many, Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way, and God’s Chuck Wagon) and presented a $200 check to each. Jake and Judy Betz, representing the Mt. Carmel Food Pantry, joined us and spoke about what they do in the community.

We topped off the day with Pepe’s Ice Cream truck, which all enjoyed. We want to thank the parishioners who covered the cost for the treats!

As part of the celebration, the church put together commemorative anniversary books that include photos from 1908 to the present along with the history of the decades of the faithful and provided them to parishioners and visitors who attended. The cover of the book appears above. You can view a larger version of the cover along with photos from the event here.

Dome repainting

In preparation for celebrating St. Michael’s Orthodox Church’s 110th Anniversary, in Mt. Carmel, we repainted the silver cupulas that overlook the community. The domes have been painted numerous times since 1952, when major modifications were made to alter the tops of the domes and place stainless steel crosses. The most recent repainting work was done by Rick Laske

More photos are available here.

Photo of church domes