St. Michael's church photo

Welcome to St. Michael's Orthodox Church!

Founded:  1907

Diocese:  Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania

Deanery:  Frackville Deanery

Parish Highlights:

Veteran's breakfast

On Sunday, November 5th, following Divine Liturgy, we will have a breakfast to honor the Veterans of the parish. You can learn more about the event in the flyer, which is here.

The Feast of Dormition

On August 15, Father Ignatius Hunter blessed flowers and herbs as part of the Divine Liturgy for Dormition.

Fr. Ignatius blessing fruit for the Feast of Transfiguration

The Feast of Transfiguration

On August 6th, Father Ignatius Hunter celebrated the Divine Liturgy for Transfiguration and blessed fruit following the service.

Fr. Ignatius blessing fruit for the Feast of Transfiguration

Welcome Father Ignatius and Matushka Seraphima!

In July, Father Ignatius Hunter took on the role of Acting Rector of St. Michael's Orthodox Church. He and his wife, Matushka Seraphima, have moved into the rectory, and Fr. Ignatius celebrated his first Divine Liturgy with us on July 9th.

We welcome them into our parish with open arms and look forward to many years together!

Father Ignatius' first service at St. Michael's Father Ignatius' first service at St. Michael's

Summer basket raffle

On July 16, 2017, we will have our summer basket raffle. To enter, fill out a raffle form, and return it by July 5th.

Forms should be mailed to:

St. Michael's Basket Raffle

131 North Willow Street

Mt. Carmel, PA  17851

Meet our 2017 Parish Council:

On March 26, 2017, our new Parish Council took the Oath of Office. The officers were elected at the annual parish meeting held on January 22nd.

Parish council photo

Front row from left to right:  Jean Mathias (Auditor), Olga Thomas (Vice President), Stephanie Peek (Assistant Secretary), Sandy Tosca (President), Julia Bushick (Auditor).

Back row from left to right:  Andrei Nemoianu (Auditor), Leon Markovich (Assistant Treasurer), Father John Edward, Joe Tosca (Treasurer), Chris Mathias (Secretary).

Lenten Coin Boxes

A purple alms box with an Orthodox cross on it

This year the youth of the parish have taken on the Lenten project: Almsgiving. They have made coin boxes and began distributing on February 26th. Once the coin box is full, please place the coin box in the container, which will be in the vestibule of the church, then kindly ask the youth for another coin box.

This project will continue for the entire Lenten period. At the end of Lent, the youth will give the money collected in the coin boxes to a charity of their choice. Please help the youth of the parish with this project. Give as you can – fill your coin boxes and ask for more boxes. Be an example to our youth. Almsgiving is one part of our Lenten responsibility along with fasting and prayer. The youth thank you in advance for your participation in their Lenten project!